Sauer Reacts to Passage of Balanced Budget

State Representative Nick Sauer (R-Lake Barrington) responds to the passage of the State of Illinois FY19 Budget.

“For the first time in years, Illinois will have a balanced budget,” said Sauer. “Although it’s not perfect, this budget reflects what can be accomplished when both sides of the aisle focus on respectful negotiation and common interests. By doing this, we ensure needed stability which the state has sorely lacked in recent years.”

Sauer noted some items as important to the successful budget negotiations:
  • No tax increases 
  • Full funding for the new K-12 education formula 
  • 2% increase in higher education funding, as well as funding for MAP Grants and AIM HIGH scholarships to stop the brain-drain of students going to other states 
  • Steps to reform the pension system by slashing end of career pension spiking and establishing two new buyout structures 
  • Funding to pay down FY17 and FY18 unpaid bills 
  • Funding commitment for critically needed infrastructure repairs and improvements 
“This balanced budget is a step in the right direction that shows we can restrain spending without increasing taxes and I hope it serves a framework to create the pro-growth reforms we need to make Illinois more competitive and reduce our tax burden,” said Sauer. “The inclusion of a $5,000 adoption tax credit and reform to the pension system are perfect examples of these important steps. I will continue to advocate for more reforms and increased fiscal discipline as the year progresses. As I said, this new budget is not perfect, but this is a big step toward improving Illinois, repairing trust for taxpayers and reforming government.”

Yesterday, Governor Bruce Rauner signed the FY19 budget, which will take effect on July 1. For more information, Click Here.

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