Sauer Bill to Allow for Multi-Year Car Registration Ready for Governor’s Signature

Recently, legislation co-sponsored by State Representative Nick Sauer (R-Lake Barrington) passed through the Illinois House. House Bill 4259 allows Illinoisans to register their vehicles for more than one year.

“This is common-sense legislation that is good for people and businesses. Why we have not already been able to register our vehicles for more than one year is peculiar,” said Sauer. “I’m glad it passed both chambers unanimously and look forward to it becoming law.”

Under House Bill 4259, beginning in 2021, Illinois residents will be able to register their vehicles for a period of two years, instead of every year as required by current law. The two-year registration period will also coincide with a vehicle owner’s emission inspection cycle so both requirements can be completed during the same period for more convenience.

In addition to the vehicle registration extension, the legislation also allows for multi-year registration of trailers. Trailer owners will be able to register a trailer for an extended period of up to five years and have the ability to transfer an extended trailer registration to another trailer, providing additional convenience for both individual residents and small businesses with trailers.

For information about HB4259, Click Here.

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