Sauer Calls on Senate Dems to Stop the Hold Up of Education Funding

State Representative Nick Sauer (R-Lake Barrington) says Senate Democrats need to stop holding up funding for K-12 education and send Senate Bill 1 to Governor Rauner immediately.

“Senate Democrats have had the opportunity to send legislation to fund K-12 education to the Governor for 57 days, why haven’t they done it?” said Sauer. “Our schools, responsible for ensuring the success of future generations, are being put in jeopardy for the sake of playing politics. It’s time do the right thing and stop governing by crisis at every opportunity. Our students and their parents deserve better than this, so let’s give them certainty today and not wait until the last moment yet again.”

Sauer said he stands ready to work with any colleagues on either side of the aisle to fix the K-12 education funding bill, Senate Bill 1. However, if legislators are not going to work during the special session to fix the bill, it should be sent to the Governor in its current form so he can use his veto power to remove the CPS bailout and ensure schools are able to open on-time.

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