Lake County Launches Misdemeanor Alternative Prosecution Program

First-time, non-violent offenders now can keep a conviction from being permanently entered on their record by participating in the Misdemeanor Alternative Prosecution Program. The program holds offenders accountable and addresses the needs of crime victims, but also gives deserving defendants a second chance and the opportunity to avoid being labeled a convicted criminal. To learn more, Click Here

“State’s Attorney Nerheim has been a leader on criminal justice reform, not only locally, but nationally. His work has helped lead to bi-partisan agreement in Springfield to reform the state’s criminal justice system,” said State Representative Nick Sauer. “This new misdemeanor program is about reducing recidivism and providing a second chance for minor, first time offenders. By focusing on rehabilitation instead of incarceration, it gives offenders the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions and become contributing members of society, which leads to significant savings for taxpayers and better outcomes for our communities.”

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