Sauer Advances Another Bill Through IL House

This week, State Representative Nick Sauer (R-Lake Barrington) passed important legislation through the Illinois House of Representative to address Illinois’ burdensome regulatory environment. House Bill 3172 brings Illinois law in line with federal law to reduce the additional burden placed on businesses in Illinois.

“Illinois’ economy is at a competitive disadvantage compared to other states because of over regulation,” said Sauer. “Bringing our regulatory system into parity with federal standards and other growing states can make us more competitive. This is exactly what House Bill 3172 does for Illinois’ trucking companies and independent truckers. I’m pleased the House approved this legislation with such strong support and hope the Senate will agree with the economic value it brings to Illinois.”

Current Illinois law requires semi-trucks, and similarly categorized carrier vehicles, to be inspected every six months, rather than every twelve months as federal law requires. Illinois is one of a handful of states with this additional regulation. The extra inspection cost is unnecessarily prohibitive to Illinois’ small intrastate trucking businesses, but the real economic detriment is in the amount of time vehicles are out of service. Small businesses that operate on fine margins can stand to lose thousands of dollars in revenue while vehicles are out of service. That amount of lost revenue holds back hiring and expansion, in addition to lost tax revenue the state would collect from the additional economic activity.

House Bill 3172 received a nearly 90 percent margin of approval in the House. The bill is now up for consideration by the Senate before it can make its way to Governor Rauner’s desk for a signature into law. To learn more about the legislation, Click Here.

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