American Legion Youth Police Program

The Youth Police Program was developed by the Department Safety, Law & Order Committee, in conjunction with the Illinois State Police in a meeting at the State Police Academy in October of 1971.

The primary purpose of the Youth Police Program is to establish an inter-personal relationship between the youth of the State and Law Enforcement Officers, in order to create a better understanding of the problems and attitudes of both groups, and to develop a rapport between youth and the police.

The program exposes youths to Law Enforcement with an opportunity to objectively witness the rigid training and standards set forth in law enforcement today. The program gives the participants the opportunity to seek answers to questions that will help them better understand why police officers take certain actions that may directly or indirectly affect them. During this program these youths are each given an opportunity and encouraged to express their feelings and views, both in classroom situations and in the daily informational sessions with their police counselors.

To find out more and how to apply for the 2017 summer program, click here.

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