Sauer Files Series of Bills to Protect Youth, Taxpayers and Reduce the Burden on Business

This week, State Representative Nick Sauer (R-Lake Barrington) filed ten bills for this legislative session that focus on supporting the needs of children, families, taxpayers and businesses in his district and across the state.

"The ideas I am advancing will help to grow our state's economy, lesson the burden on taxpayers, reduce our long-term pension problem and help to find forever homes for foster children in Illinois,” said Sauer.

The following legislation was filed by Sauer this week:
  • House Bill 3169 – Redefines language for children in the care of DCFS, and other programs, to youth in care.
  • House Bill 3170 – Repeals the estate (death) tax.
  • House Bill 3171 – Reforms excessive block grant funding to CPS.
  • House Bill 3172 – Reduces burdensome testing requirements for transport vehicles.
  • House Bill 3173 & 3174 – Make improvements to the adoption screening process for prospective parents. 
  • House Bill 3175 – Amends the pension code to prevent exaggerated late career salary spiking beyond the consumer price index-u. 
  • House Bill 3516 – Amends the property tax code to prevent residents from paying more due to outdated assessments. 
  • House Bill 3517 – Allows school districts to offset prorated funding for busing costs. 
  • House Bill 3518 – Prevents child abusers from working in child care. 

To learn more about the legislation filed by Representative Sauer and other legislation he is sponsoring, Click Here.

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