Sauer: Madigan’s House Rules Antithesis of Democracy

State Representative Nick Sauer (R-Lake Barrington) called the rules of procedure passed by the House of Representatives yesterday the antithesis of democracy.

The second vote taken by each member of the House of Representatives at the start of a new General Assembly is for the rules that govern operations and how legislation is advanced. These rules notoriously favor Speaker Madigan and are considered the most restrictive of any legislature in the country.

“As I said following the Inauguration, the opportunity to experience the final days of the 99th General Assembly gave me valuable insight for what to expect from Springfield,” said Sauer. “Though some resist change for our state, many do seek common ground and a way forward. However, yesterday’s vote to pass the most restrictive legislative rules of procedure in the country showed we still have a long way to go to move forward.” 

Sauer continued, “To say the least, it is very disconcerting that only Speaker Madigan can call legislation for a vote, can rule motions to consider bills out of order without an option for appeal and House committees cannot even meet without his consent. When you consider the many other aspects of these rules, they appear more like the antithesis of democracy than rules of a legislative body.

“Though these rules represent the worst of Springfield, I remain determined to work with anyone willing to create the common-sense, bi-partisan solutions needed to move our state forward.”

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